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If you've already seen me on Youtube, Instagram, Tiktok or Facebook you already know that I like to keep things easy and entertaining

Through teaching using different methods, I’ve perfected the way I believe is the most effective when it comes to learning German. Yes, it’s not easy to learn German, and it sometimes gets very frustrating. 

After trying many different ways, and collecting feedback from my students, I realized that long, slow and boring lessons just don’t work! 

So what does work? I developed my own way of teaching in a fun, bite-sized content that is easy to understand, entertaining and sometimes slightly crazy. This way you can easily follow, understand and remember everything that you’ve learned with me! 

The method

German Course Steffi

In the past 5 years I researched the best learning methods known in the whole language learning industry, and put together my own unique way of teaching.

I spoke to many polyglots, language teachers, and successful language company owners. In the past year, I merged the best 3 learning methods together to create my own unique way of teaching. This method allows anyone, regardless of what learning type they are, to learn in the most efficient way.

Learn through Storytelling. Since the beginning of time, humans loved stories. It keeps them interested and apparently also helps to learn. Creating a story in your head helps you remember information intuitively and with fun. I have created a story throughout the whole course for you. This will help you memorise important information in a playful way.

Clear and easy explanation. In clearly structured videos you learn how to identify the correct article. der, die, das has never been presented so organized. You can rewatch the video as often as you like thanks to your lifetime access. More of a reader? Gotcha! You will find all the information as a pdf as well. Read them on the way to work or university, in the morning with your coffee or in the evening in your bed. You decide.

Immersion (and Interactive tasks): In this course you don’t just watch videos. It is important to immerse the new gained information: It is proven, that Language learners learn better if they use and repeat what they have learned. You will find many quizzes and tasks in this course. As Benjamin Franklin/Confucius said: “Tell me, and I will forget. Show me and I may remember. Involve me, and I will understand.”

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“What we learn with pleasure we never forget”

Alfred Mercier

My experience

I have years of experience in teaching German online, giving private lessons, live webinars, community meetings and creating learning material for known companies.

Steffi Chatterbug

I’ve been doing this for so long that I already know what works and what doesn’t, especially online. I spoke to and interviewed many German teachers, famous language content creators and language teaching companies.

I am featured in podcasts, newspapers and blogs, gave workshops and worked with some of the biggest companies in the industry like: Goethe Institute, Deutsch perfekt, Sprachzeitung, Lingoda, italki and Chatterbug. 

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