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Be at ease in Germany, get to know your teammates better, learn German together through live Zoom meetings with certified teachers. a truly online community for startups. 

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What is the Communiverse?


Online German Classes


Expats related knowledge base


Your own private community


Improve spoken and written German


Easily settle-in in Germany


Hang out with your colleauges


A team bonding experience


Attractive benefit to new talent


Transparent subscription model


Let us manage or take lead, it's your choice


Swift onboarding to you and your team


Scale up or down based on your needs

Who are we

Steffi & Shlomi

Hi, we are Steffi and Shlomi. We have years of experience in the online education domain, with more than 550k students across multiple social media platforms, active German communities with dedicated teachers and content, online courses, live webinars, collaborations with language institutes and companies.

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Why Communiverse?

Frequently Asked Questions

You and your team will get access to your own “Facebook” like platform.  This community space is yours only and no one else will have access to it but your team.

That is where you will interact with our teachers and receive content that is tailored to your team’s needs such as: Live German lessons, quizzes and team activities in German, helpful information for expats about moving and settling in Germany, support with translating German documents and letters, and on-demand German courses.   

The monthly schedule is very flexible. You and your team can decide about the amount of live meetings per week, and the type of meetings. 

The meetings can be strictly about learning German, they could be more about work-related topics, or they could be more about enjoying the time with team-bonding activities.

We like to mix in a bit of everything. You can either trust us to create the schedule or decide for yourself. We are as flexible and hands on as you need us to be. 

As a new employee – a go-to knowledge base that will help you with your transition to Germany, learn German and get to know your colleagues.

As a team member – further improve your communication skills in German, enjoy fun activities with your team and get to know your new team members!

As a company – a more communicative and bonded team. help new team members with the challenge of moving to Germany, help them learn the language and integrate in your company faster and in a more enjoyable way.

5 years ago Steffi started LerneDeutsch as an Instagram channel to teach German with the goal of making the learning process as painless as possible. By now LerneDeutsch has over 550k followers on Instagram, Youtube Tiktok and Facebook combined. As the channels grew, Steffi explored different types of content and teaching methods and developed her own teaching style. At this point,

Shlomi joined Steffi and together they built their first LerneDeutsch Community – a place for expats to meet, learn and and practice German, and eventually even become friends. They hired German teachers, created exclusive content, ran live online community meetings with dozens of people from all over the world! This community still runs today and the community members still love it.

Steffi: “Communiverse is the next big step in our journey. We want companies to take advantage of the huge benefit that such a community has and for team members to be able to connect and communicate without feeling like expats anymore.”

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