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I know German can be a "little" annoying sometimes. But it shouldn't be!
Learning a language can be fun and entertaining. Sounds crazy right?

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Steffi from LerneDeutsch

Hallo leute!

I’m Steffi from LerneDeutsch, born and raised in Berlin. I spent the past  5 years teaching German to people from all over the world, trying to perfect the way of teaching a language. 

After years of creating content and teaching German I realized one important thing – when the content is entertaining and interesting, students stay focused for longer periods and what they’ve learned is burnt into their memory forever!


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I've been teaching German online for years, giving private lessons, webinars, book clubs and more.

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It's everywhere! Instagram, Youtube, TikTok, Facebook and online courses. Enjoy the free content or join the courses. LerneDeutsch got your back!

Why LerneDeutsch

Frequently Asked Questions

No, it’s a one-time purchase and you will get lifetime access to the course. Repeat the lessons as often as you want.

Any level! Steffi speaks in German and there are subtitles in many languages (like English, Spanish, French…). You can adjust the speed of the video and rewatch the video anytime. This way it’s also possible for beginners to follow the course.

Steffi speaks only German in the course. This way you improve your listening comprehension and extend your vocabulary. Don’t worry if you German is not so good yet and you just started learning German. You will find subtitles in German, English and many other languages and you can adjust the speed of the video. The PDFs are in German and English.

It’s up to you. The course can take around 3 hours to finish in one quick run. But I would suggest taking the time to read through the documents, watch the videos and do all the quizzes in your own pace.

A lifetime! It is important to me, that regardless of your time schedule, you will get the chance to learn German articles properly.

Maybe you are a single mom, that is working full-time and doesn’t have much spare time.

Or maybe you are planning to move to Germany or have a German test soon and need to learn as much as possible as soon as possible.No matter what your time schedule is, this course is for you. You decide when and where you learn.

For more than 1 year I planned this course for you. The outcome is more than satisfying: The course is structured in the most logical, educational and motivational way. I developed the 3-step-method which is most promising for German Learners.

Learn more about my 3-step-method here.

With successful completion of the LerneDeutsch article course, you will know all existing rules and indicators to identify the German articles der, die and das. It’s important to know that there are always exceptions and words where no rule is applying. For this case you will learn learning methods that help you learn articles in the most efficient way.

You will only need an email address and internet. And the interest in learning German 🙂

Yes! Anyone can join the course! It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or advanced. Many German learners still struggle with articles for a long time. The course is designed for learners on all levels.

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